Arts And Culture Village

Arts and cultural village. A phased redevelopment for them to have proper facilities. Here they can practice their art, teach and make profits from the high volume of traffic that goes through that area. A cultural village that has shows, actions, and classes for schools to do extracurricular activities including reading studies.

The responsibility of the state is not complete simply by paying compensation to chiefs in the affected areas

The responsibility of the state extends far beyond that.  It involves the sustainable economic and eco-friendly development of the community ( i.e. the land and its people) paying money is the short-term easy way out, but it is not a win-win situation. It does not address the real needs of the people (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs wants) OSU is teeming with youths who are talented, energetic, enthusiastic but largely unemployed.

The Marine Drive Project!

I have spent the last few months agonizing over the fate of the people of Klottey-Korle, specifically Osu (Anorhor, Ashante, Kinkawe, etc) Why? The Marine Drive Project! The Marine Drive Project presents perfect opportunities to do it right from the get-go! A sort of carte blanche in development that can look at all similar development in Africa and the rest of the world and do a swot and whose retrospective analysis and most importantly on EIA and human impact assessment of the project. (Thailand) (Togo) (Dubai?) (Singapore?) ( Eco-Parks in SA) (Uganda) (Namibia). What am I talking about?


The Marine Drive Project must take on the full characteristics of an Eco city. Let us be pacesetters and put our money where our mouth is. The geographical boundaries as per the E.I are as follows from the mausoleum to just around the castle. Population in the said area is…. Art centre is located in this location who are the people in the arts center? Progressive artisans who are running their business even against the odds. The location is perfect for the Arts Center. Turn the area into an expanded living.

Has the Marine Drive Project – its fine detail considered how to ensure that the youth and elderly are not marginalized by the inevitable development?

Employment – a quota for Osu residents to be hired as Plumbers, Masons, Carpenter, Electricians, Labourers, and Caterers, Cleaners, etc. Security and hospitality and tourism stuff.

Skills Development

In anticipation of some of the companies and tourism centers to be established, are we training the people of Osu to be employable, or are we once again waiting till the project takes off so we have the same excuse of saying they don’t have the prerequisite skills for the said jobs. Hospitality Fussiness Business, tour guides- service industry.

She said 13 years after the passage of the Persons With Disability Act, 2006 (Act 715) in 2006, a number of public facilities remained inaccessible to PWDs even though the law enjoined the state and owners of public places to make them accessible to them.

“Our public transport system also does not have facilities to support persons with disability,” she lamented.



Urban gardening- some parts of the Marine Drive Must be dedicated to organic gardening to supply the resorts and hotels and even shops in Oxford Street, etc with groceries.

Sports / Recreation

Since the stadium was renovated after 2000, the track were removed and the young children now have to trek to El-Wak Stadium, many at the peril of their lives (getting hit by vehicles on their way there is commonplace, rather than the exception) A multi-level, multi-dimensional, Sports and recreational centre, as well as basketball, football, tennis, bodybuilding, etc.

I hope that given the current social problems that the presence of the numerous casinos and gambling, houses have had on the youth and children of OSU, we will not be seeing a whole horde of casinos sprouting up on the coast of OSU in the name of a Marine Drive Project.


The primary goal of any government should be the highest interests of its people. If this government with its numerous promises truly means well, then let it be demonstrated in the proper execution of this project which will have deep far-reaching consequences on the people of Klottey- Korle and beyond. But especially on the quality of life, culture, and traditions of OSU and generations to come.   

Any development of this magnitude that has not considered the (cultural human impact) in this and future generations is not only short-sighted but indeed deleterious to the quality of life of present and future generations. It is also a betrayal of the dream of our first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was a true visionary with a can-do spirit which he demonstrated by actually doing. We are still reaping the benefits of his forward-thinking. Tema Motorway – (2016 work Started to expand this crucial artery between Tema and Accra), Tema harbour (stats on this contrast with Sao Tome that doesn’t have a harbour in the south), Akosombo, etc.

 This is not just an appeal, but a caution to those in charge of the Marin Drive Project.

Do Not betray the people of Ghana and specially Klottey–Korle Osu to do the right thing with the authority you have been given by virtue of the results of the election is not a privilege, it is A DUTY and this duty is entrenched in our Constitution.  YOU MUST.

April 2024

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