Odawna and parts of Adabraka are Flooded


Odawna and parts of Adabraka are flooded. I got to Odawna around 11pm and after waiting unsuccessfully for rescue support, we evacuated the women and children and some of the elderly to Ernest Bruce Memorial Methodist Church and Pentecost Church in Adabraka. This was with the tireless efforts of volunteers in the area including a gentleman who made several trips with his trotro from Sahara to the safe havens. We worked together to bring blankets, hot chocolate and tea and some mosquito coils to those displaced. I would like to thank those young men and women who helped us distribute the hot drinks and blankets, as well as those who helped us write done the names of as many displaced persons as possible. I would like to thank the security and pastoral staff at the two premises who granted access to their premises for the night. It’s now 3:50am. I just left, Odawna and Sahara park is still submerged below water that is waist deep. This is to say “Anyekoo!” to the kind hearted people who volunteered tonight in spite of the heavy rains!!! God bless you!!!! Your kindness and efforts made a difference!!!! You are true heroes!

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